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   in fine lines

Our studio is specialized in ultra fine line (single needle) and fine line.

Many studio's claim to do the same, but do they really? Find out on our insta and see for yourself. 

Specialized in fine-line tattooing, (delicate) blackwork and micro realism.   


It's all about the details! 
Even if it is one little stripe, the choice of needle size, type of inkt and technique can make the difference.

We will help you with making the right choice. 

Brand new Studio:

  • Newest equipment for less pain
    and a quicker healing proces.

  • Relaxed, Comfortable and Private setting.

  • Female assistant 

  • Testing with stencil for the perfect
    size and placement.

Anker 1
Anker 1
Anker 1
Anker 1

Is this style going
to be your new ink

Fine Line, Single Needle or Thight Round Liner. Let us help you with making the right choice.
Together we can decide the best needle, technique and placement for your next tattoo.

See you soon after these four steps

Let us make it easy for you. From the first contact till the moment you are finally getting your tattoo.
It starts with having a good idea and contacting us by whatsapp. After that it is all up to us.  We will see you soon!


you want
a tattoo

Yess. You finally decided...

You want a rose,

a name or butterfly.
In fine-line or bold blackwork.

You want it now. 


by whatsapp

Send us a Whatsapp message with all your questions, choose your artist ( Max or Elise ), get the right advice and make your tattoo appointment.

whatsapp us!


discuss your design

Either by whatsapp or during your tattoo appointment we will finalize your design based on the best personal advice.

Together with our assistants we look at the best size and placement for you.

We use a stencil so you can see how it looks and be 100% happy.

final step

Gettting your tattoo 

It is always exiting to get tattoooed. We will take our time to get you comfortable and explain every step of the process.

(more info about the process)


Now you are
100% instaglam.


Get Ready for
some InstaGlam

Instagram. Our showcase. All tattoos are made by Max Rodrigues. We do not photoshop! And so you can see, most of our clients are happy. We hope to make you happy too. 

Are you ready?

Please read the next information carefully.
We have some rules, we do handle a shop minimum and we need your consent,


You need to be at least 16 years old.


We have the right to say no to certain designs or placement.


No alcohol or drugs.

No kids are allowed in the studio.

No animals are allowed in the studio.


Please come alone. 


We only accept card payments.

(Also all mayor creditcards with a fee of 6,50 Euro)

We handle a minimum of 120,00 Euro.

Including a Aftercare Package containing

the neccesary aftercare product.

Touchup service is included*

We handle a 25euro deposit fee
paylink will be provided by whatsapp.


read our canceling conditions



Dutch Only


You Know, those little letters.
But please read it and understand.

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