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Eileen Fleur - Professional Brow Stylist

Professional Brow Stylist at Studio Rodrigues. Eileen is trained and certified by Mrs. Highbrow, the pioneer brow bar in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ever since 2010. Having worked in various capacities in the beauty industry, she’s specialized exclusively in eyebrows over the last couple of years.


Whether you want all-natural, fluffy, or over the top brows. Eileen will bring out the very best version of you, in line with your desired wishes.

After an in-depth consultation to discuss the style you’ve set your sights on, and talking through the possibilities, several different hair removal techniques can be used to shape the brows. Subsequently clients can choose; basic tinting, henna tinting, or a brow lamination treatment, you can find more about the treatments below.


Every appointment is unique and personalized. The studio ensures a luxurious, stylish surrounding for your appointment. With privacy and a cozy atmosphere, she delivers high quality work for everyone. 


Are you looking to take your brows to the next level? Then this is the place for you. Call or text to make your next appointment.


All products applied during the treatments are made for professional use.

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